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Who We Are


Hannah O'Polka
CNS, FT, Lifespan Coach

Founder & CEO of Cleanfoodfix™ LLC

Hannah O'Polka is a married mother of three and veteran in the health and wellness field as a former athlete, coach, healthcare worker and online mentor. Hannah has grown her online community to over 1000+ members in five years.


Her expertise spans sports medicine, bariatric care, lifestyle coaching, counseling, personal consultation, health education, critical care, childcare, as well as, cooking, meal planning, and recipe development.


The loss of hundreds of patients, various family members, and friends with certain ailments drives Hannah's zeal for health prevention. She turned her health into her passion and provides comprehensive tools to positively impact others in their overall wellness.


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Rachel Hansen

Co-Owner Cleanfoodfix™ Wellness Studio

Founder of Empower Yourself With Rachel

Rachel Hansen is a married mother of five and former ADON at a local assisted living facility. She is a veteran in the healthcare field and juggles many hats outside the wire too.


Her years of knowledge in the medical field helps her to discern the best proactive and preventative measures to make optimal choices regarding your wellness experience. Rachel is a long-term advocate for GI and hormonal health as she's battled a Crohn's diagnosis since 2011.


She turned her countless struggles and surgeries into ammunition to take control of her health and help others in the process. Rachel believes in a balanced lifestyle and taking control of your ailments. She's here to meet you where you're at in your journey and escort you to the other side of food freedom! 


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Cleanfoodfix™ LLC

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